The people who change the world are the ones who are crazy enough to think they can.

Or just crazy. I am. Full-on self-admitted insane and I feel a LOT better since I admitted it. That AA program with the first step being admission – it works. I could see the fact that I am insane as a problem, a rather unnecessary inconvenience to have to overcome in life – which is quite honestly how I did see it until recently.

Events in my life over the past year have taught me to accept my insanity and just go with it. Many people have told me the things I do are wrong, or there is a better way or I shouldn’t even try it but I just say ‘Hey, I’m insane, lets try it my way just for kicks!’ Most people I have found are cool with that as long as they know you are not only insane but you are also a caring person.

Insanity and concern for humanity happen to be two very desirable qualities because our current approach hasn’t really worked out that well for all involved… some insanity is long overdue. I’m ready to share. 🙂

Be a good consumer

This is the fist verse to a song I wrote a while back…

Be a good consumer
Don’t you waste our time
You’re not watching tv
You’re not staying in line
Hey you are you listening
We are talking to you
You should have two kids now
Aren’t you 32?

Be a good CONsumer
Be a good consumer
Be a good CONsumer


Dear Mother Passed,

The scent of your hair and your perfume. The comfort of my head against your breast. The deliciousness of your baking. The adventures in the tiny car. Velveeta sandwiches. Your cheers at my contests of speed. Your untamable spirit. The creativity of your soul. Your love of books and music. Tchaikovsky shaking the foundation of our house. Drive in movies and ice cream. Your laugh. Your strength. Your love.

You will always be in my heart, my mind, my soul. Thank you for me.