Got my headphones back!



I went to San Francisco a few weeks ago. I bought a pair of pretty expensive headphones at the Apple Store. I used those headphones to listen to Tchaikovsky in the park across from the SFMOMA to celebrate my mother’s birthday – she died when I was 13. I am 41. I can’t be bothered to do the math.

I left those headphones in a restaurant. Today I got them back. I have them attached to my ears right now. They rock. The people that found them and sent them back to me rock. This blog  post is a shout out to that restaurant…First Crush in San Francisco and specifically to Judy McGrath…who runs the place and had a computer breakdown and still managed to get my headphones out to me.

Also…the food was fantastic!

Cheers to Judy!

One thought on “Got my headphones back!

  1. What a great story! Nice to know there are still people who will do the right thing — despite their busy day.

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