License to ninja.


Legit. Word.

Next week we hope to sign the lease and purchase agreement upon which instance we will officially be owners of a cafe in Seattle. Awesome!

The goal of the cafe will be goodness. The cafe is really important to this neighborhood. There is a lot of newness coming to this area. It is situated right in the middle of the renewal and is still shouting OLD OLD!! I live around the corner from the cafe, so I have first hand knowledge. There is a lot of change coming to our little wedge between Fremont and Wallingford. Its all really exciting and cool but sometimes we have a bit of concern about the old and what will become of it, because we like it.

KAPOW!!! Tiny Ninja to the scene.

3 thoughts on “License to ninja.

  1. I just saw a sign on this space you’re renting. Good for you! I support cafes, especially those centered around goodness. Is there anything I can do, as a local resident, to further support this endeavor? When will it open??

    • Hey thanks! Thats totally awesome! We are trying to open the first week of June but its going to be close. 🙂 Thanks for the offer to help that would be spectacular! I think maybe just keeping an eye out and heading down when we are open would be perfect… and follow us on Facebook for updates and things going on…

      And as always if you have any thoughts or ideas let us know…


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