Got my headphones back!



I went to San Francisco a few weeks ago. I bought a pair of pretty expensive headphones at the Apple Store. I used those headphones to listen to Tchaikovsky in the park across from the SFMOMA to celebrate my mother’s birthday – she died when I was 13. I am 41. I can’t be bothered to do the math.

I left those headphones in a restaurant. Today I got them back. I have them attached to my ears right now. They rock. The people that found them and sent them back to me rock. This blog ¬†post is a shout out to that restaurant…First Crush in San Francisco and specifically to Judy McGrath…who runs the place and had a computer breakdown and still managed to get my headphones out to me.

Also…the food was fantastic!

Cheers to Judy!

Email Therapy

I came up with a fantastic way to make yourself feel better when you are upset.

  1. Create a new email address somewhere and give it the name of someone you can talk to completely freely, real or imaginary.
  2. Create a new email to that address and title it whatever you want.
  3. Say whatever you want.
  4. Send it.

Feel better? Thought so.

On the Inside We are Dying

I find it rather annoying in todays society that we don’t want people to share their problems with us. It really bothers me. In fact, I have a problem with it and I’m going to talk about it. Why do we need to be so cold and uncaring? We are all human and we all have very similar problems – so why can’t we just be open about it and take care of each other? I really want to know. Why? Really. I do.

We are all smiles and ‘have a nice day’ on the outside but inside we are dying from the pressure of caring for our elderly parents, our relative dying from cancer, the well being of our children…yet we take an ‘every man for himself’ philosophy. Its a bit disgusting if you think about it. I don’t know what else to say. Words escape me.

I think we should change it.

License to ninja.


Legit. Word.

Next week we hope to sign the lease and purchase agreement upon which instance we will officially be owners of a cafe in Seattle. Awesome!

The goal of the cafe will be goodness. The cafe is really important to this neighborhood. There is a lot of newness coming to this area. It is situated right in the middle of the renewal and is still shouting OLD OLD!! I live around the corner from the cafe, so I have first hand knowledge. There is a lot of change coming to our little wedge between Fremont and Wallingford. Its all really exciting and cool but sometimes we have a bit of concern about the old and what will become of it, because we like it.

KAPOW!!! Tiny Ninja to the scene.