Why Everyone Needs an OCDan


I have OCD.

Today I decided to clean our refridgerator. I took everything out – everything. I got rid of everything out of date. I sprayed in the inside with ‘food safe non-toxic, natural cleaner’. I scrubbed it with a sponge with a scratch pad on one side. I picked all the little bits of food out of the parts with a knife. I cleaned all the spaces I couldn’t get with the sponge with a Sonicare Toothbrush (don’t worry its not the same head that we use to brush our teeth…are you kidding??? What kind of OCDan do you think I am?!).

I then washed all of the removable parts in the sink with dish soap (organic, non toxic of course) as well as with a separate cleaner and then wiped them dry with a perfectly clean white towel. I didn’t use a dish towel because they are crap at soaking up water especially on glass. I used a hand towel, like for in the bathroom…perfect! Then I proceeded to put the contents back in arranging the shelves for optimum access and the food items according to access, type of food, how soon it should be eaten, type of container and height.

As I was doing this I realized that every company, family, organization needs an OCDan. We take on tasks with relish! We constantly analyzing and perfecting to get the best results.We aren’t satisfied unless it is ‘done right’

Yes I am sure many people don’t have time for this but if you could make time for those projects you want done right, imagine the results!

I’m not quite finished (this was just my break). Back to work!

Be a good consumer.

I just started helping at a preschool in my neighborhood. Yesterday was my first day with the little people. They are awesome! I love little people – especially the young ones because they are so honest and open minded. Anything seems possible to them. They say the most amazing things.

One boy is especially proud of his dad. Apparently his dad plays for the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Sounders (tough schedule). As we were walking to the park, this same boy pointed to a fairly new model of Volkswagen and said ‘That’s an Audi. My dad has an Audi.’

It made me think ‘wow, it’s already important to this boy what kind of car his dad drives.