Life is personal.

hang in there

I’m just on a role of saying things that need to be said.

It is no secret I’ve been going through a hard time and I pretty much always share how I feel.

I’ve read (or posted or shared) about a thousand of those Facebook posts that are basically the new version of this poster from the 80’s.  Some of those really do need to be said because some of us are really stupid and don’t get it.

Let me make it simple.

  • We are all the same. The color of our skin does not matter. Our religion does not matter. Our sexual orientation does not matter.
  • The crazy people of today are the innovators of tomorrow. Think of someone you think is a great historical figure. I bet you ANYTHING someone told them they were stupid or crazy.
  • There is no reason why anyone should be hungry. None. Zero. What the hell is our problem in implementing this? We should all be fired as humans.
  • And most of all – life is personal.

The problem with society today is that we DO NOT CARE. We have numbed ourselves to what our neighbor, our friend, our family, other HUMANS are going through and have just accepted it as ‘the way it is’. We have told ourselves ‘I can’t do anything about it’. So we don’t.

That is what we need to stop doing. Stop accepting it for the way it is and strive for more. How else is it going to get any better for us, for our kids? Let’s learn from what we do wrong as individuals and groups and apply the learning to a better world for tomorrow.

It is not ‘the way it is’. It is ‘the way we choose it to be’. If you wish the world were more understanding, more fair, more kind…make it so! Make small choices every day that make it happen!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Pick up garbage when you walk down the street
  • Get to know your neighbors and become involved in your community
  • If you know someone going through a hard time,
    contact them if only just to say ‘are you ok?’
  • Forgive someone that has really made you angry
  • Imagine once a day you were born somewhere completely different than where you were
  • Imagine you lost everything you have and have to rely on other people

If you have other suggestions…feel free to add!

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