Should consumer product designers give up now?

What is the world coming to when in order to make a hiring decision for a designer, a timed ‘design-challenge’ is requested and the challenge is to design a button to a specification in 45 minutes.

I mean really. Can we stop with the engineering led design already?

I’m not a stuck up design type AND have done my fair share of design as  fast as you can but this is ridiculous. I’m so drained by engineering led companies that drop the letters U and X like they really mean something to them.

Please stop! You get us design types all excited that you are different and you really do want to design something fantastic – the best of its kind. You lure us in with promises of ‘usability’ and ‘creativity’ or even ‘passion for design’, then you crush our souls with cheaper, faster, better!

Just stop will you?

Didn’t Steve Jobs already prove design AND engineering need to be harmonious? Didn’t he also prove that being the first to market does not determine if you make a profit…doing it right does!

…or if you are that way at least be honest about it so we can both not waste our time.

Jeez people. Learn!

I’m going back to my hole now. Piss off. (That part was a joke. I’m really not that bitchy…just playing the part.)

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