Reboot: Arcata Part I: The Restart in Trinidad

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Those of you who have a computer (or are reading this through some black magic and grew up in a cave) you know that rebooting your computer consists of turning it off and on again. This is a human reboot. I turned off in Seattle, stayed off in Eugene, Oregon. I turned on again in California.

Just past my mystical, magical, awe and tear inspiring first-time experience with The Redwoods (pictures cannot do it justice), I ran out of gas in Trinidad, California. I passed numerous fuel stations on the way but did not stop. It got to the point that the ratio of [fuel range] to [miles to destination] were battling for the greater amount – gaining on the downward slope only to lose on the upward.

I began coasting as far as I could, cursing myself for not stopping for fuel. What an idiot I am! I eased into the Chevron station thanking the universe I had made it. I didn’t stay longer than it took to fuel up as I had only a few more miles to go to my destination.

David (the owner not the significant other) had let me know it was difficult to find, and the GPS confirmed with an ominous and unemotional ‘This route includes unknown territory. Please confirm the route on a map before proceeding and use the dotted line as guidance.” A map?? What the hell is this, 1980? Dotted line? What does that mean? ‘We think it’s this way?’

In the end I got there using the in car GPS and the iPhone GPS in collaboration with or contradiction of each other. Its almost as if the voice guidance was saying ‘I think its this way…good luck with that.’

The next day I returned to Trinidad, past David Road (yes, another David reference – give me a break!) to 101 North. What I found was a breathtaking beach, fabulous café and fantastically intriguing little town. It sucked me in. I spent most of the day there. I strolled along the beach with Zak and Lucy. I hiked to the top of Trinidad Head and saw the gravestone of some poor sod who came in the 1700s (probably discovered this place). I watched a grey whale breach in the surf just off the lighthouse. It was indescribable. I ate brunch in the café and listened to two amazing musicians converse about music as if it was the only thing of importance under the sun.

It was lovely, spectacular…soul touching. It was the entry into an area of the world and myself I had been seeking out for most of my life, with no awareness of what I was looking for.

To be continued…

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