Reboot: Eugene, Oregon, USA

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At the first stop on my reboot, I had the pleasure of staying in a tiny cabin just outside Eugene. I love Eugene. David always made fun of me because everywhere we went in the world I would say ‘I could live here’. I could live in Eugene. The people are crazy friendly. They are the kind of people who always say ‘Have a great day!” and mean it. You see them grinning from ear to ear as they ride down the bike paths, walk their dogs in the rain and sip coffee at the local shop. There are good people in Eugene.

Of my experiences here in Eugene, I think the solitude and experience of living in the tiny one-room cabin was what I was seeking the most. There are so many benefits to living in a tiny house and this one is practically perfect in every way.

Link to the tiny cabin on Airbnb

Reboot: Hobbit House


I’m in a tiny little cabin (aka hobbit house) in Eugene, Oregon – the beginning of my reboot. I had to escape Seattle for a bit after my 7 year relationship ended and a new perspective is in order! Welcome to Eugene!

This tiny cabin is a good experience for my future lifestyle as I am on the way to living tiny. Living large was too stressful for me and an unnecessary waste of time, money and resources…so I’ve decided to make a change for the smaller!